Industry Solutions

Our Core Services

Electrical Panel Building:

Our in-house production line for building of electrical control panels & switchboards using high technology products at a very low price makes us the preferred Switchboard & Control Panel supplier for most industries. With modern technology machines, we produce very reliable & good quality products manufactured to stringent standards approved by the Kenya Bureau of Standards where necessary. The panels are spray painted and then baked in an oven to achieve a remarkable & long-lasting finish, making our products affordable to the consumer.

Power Factor Correcting Facility:

As per the Kenya Power & Lighting Co. Rules, industries are required to operate at a minimum power factor of 0.90 lagging otherwise a low power factor surcharge would appear on your electricity bill. We build power factor correction Capacitor banks using all European tried and tested equipment to make sure that under no circumstances would you have any problems with Power Factor Correction in your industry.

Medium Voltage Equipment Supply and Installation:

We carry out medium voltage installations for 11 kV voltage with RIM main units, termination kits including commissioning.


Green high efficiency Legrand transformers Cast Resin dry type closed or open.

Battery Cabinets:

Several heavy-duty battery cabinets are now on site for stacking of large batteries for Power back up systems like Inverters & UPS’.

Meter boards:

Manufacture and supply of several meter boards has been carried out for huge housing estate projects at very special prices.

Distribution & Switchboard assembly:

The  Legrand Group of France, from the year 2006, have appointed us the local agents for the assembly of imported XLcabinets from 63A up to 4000A, which are manufactured up to IP65 (waterproof & dustproof) ratings hence can be used in severe atmospheric conditions especially in industries and remote areas. They are also very suitable for Mobile Service providers because they set up their BTS sites in remote areas.