Our Core Services

Power Backup Systems:

  • Generator installations with AMF panels for Large Power consumers have been carried out successfully in various Industries.
  • With the support of Trace engineering products, we have done numerous installations of power inverters and UPS systems in various buildings and for Internet Service Providers in helping keep their data safe and customers online with power failures for several hours.

Modernizing Control Panels: 

We are always updated with the latest trends & products in the evolving Electrical & Electronic technology and therefore are able to convert old electrical panels to more compact, efficient & maintenance free systems so that the Industry does not suffer down times due to the high maintenance of old & phased out electrical Equipment.

Energy survey: 

We help you in making the right decisions when carrying out installations by surveying the sources of losses of energy in your industry to make sure that your electricity bills are cut down.

Electrical Installations:

Numerous installations in most plastic, textile, paper, flour, wood, chemical & steel engineering industries in Kenya have been carried out by us hence you are assured of the complete electrical installation. All-in-one service to our customers, we believe, is our strength and it is very cost-effective.


Any emergency electrical breakdowns related to your Power or Machinery that may arise can be sorted out by our specialized team of well experienced Electrical technicians & engineers who could come to the rescue immediately.

PCB Repairs: 

Our well-equipped Electronics Workshop can cater for repairs of any of your PCBs’ or electronic components by our well trained Industrial Electronic Engineers.

Conversion of machines with D.C. drives into A.C. drives: 

D.C. drives are being phased out due to their high maintenance costs and inefficiency and being replaced with A.C. motors and drives which are readily available off the shelf for installation in industry.

Motor rewinding:

Over 12 years’ experience in rewinding of A.C. and D.C. motors give us a leeway over competitors in making sure that the job is properly done and tested using our equipment.

Delivery of material to your doorstep on time:

This part of our service comprises of a team, for deliveries within Nairobi, Kenya, of motorcycles, pickups and van to ensure that any size of goods that have been ordered reach you on time with all the correct documentation. We are just a phone call away.